Figure 2 : Samples are available under the form of PA-6-6 covered yarns including LEDs or UHF EPC Gen2 RFIDs. Yarns can be used with regular textile equipment (example of embroidery  - Pasta project)

Yarns equipped with LEDs or UHF EPC Gen2 RFID. Usable with regular textile equipment (example of embroidery from the FP7  Pasta Project)




Electronics in a yarn : E-Thread® integration

In the prior art, products such as garments were labelled with external tags. The size of the base assembly and the efficiency of the manufacturing process are such that electronic components can now be seamlessly(!) integrated into textile, at a cost providing opportunities for a widespread use. Your product can now feature embedded RFID capabilities from design to points of sale.

Our E-Thread® technology is a paradigm shift opening new horizons and introducing enhanced features associated with higher perceived value. The novelty of our invention leads to a vast multiplicity of possibles leading our prospects to invent themselves countless variations of applications in industries other than textile.



Figure 1 : Prior Art (top) versus E-Thread® (bottom) – NOT TO SCALE (bottom is 10x smaller)

Prior Art (top) versus E-Thread® (bottom) – NOT TO SCALE (bottom is 10x smaller)




The E-Thread® technology

The E-Thread® technology is an innovation in microelectronic packaging that allows direct connection of a chip to a set of two conductors behaving as an antenna, a power and/or a data bus. It is superior to the usual solutions in which the connection to an external conductor is made in two stages: an internal connection to a housing (“bonding”), and a connection of the housing to the outer conductors.

The simplicity of the solution drives to a tremendous size advantage, 10 times smaller, a reduction in assembly time and more reliability (one manufacturing step instead of two). The result is a miniature, resilient and competitive solution protected by 18 patents covering the assembly itself, the manufacturing process and some fields of application.